Demonstration 1

Surround yourself with safety. Not to mention greater accuracy

Demonstration organisers: 
Jawson Saw, Ghislain Tietcheu

                                                      Agilent Technologies, Malaysia


Performing at your best in hazardous work environment takes exceptional tools. Our new family of award-winning handhelds put safety first, packing an unprecedencted number of important features and modes into cautionary orange cases. Each meets critical safety standard while providing world-class accuracy and ease-of-use. That's value. That's Agilent.

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Agilent Hanheld Test Tools Handout:

Agilent Handheld Tools Brochure:

Think SAFETY When Selecting a Handheld Multimeter:

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Demonstration 2

Demonstration of LTE Measurement  

using Agilent P-series power meter

and sensor

Demonstration organisers: 
Jawson Saw, Ghislain Tietcheu

                                                      Agilent Technologies, Malaysia


Using the industry's latest development technology, the long term evolution (LTE) standard from the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is deployed all around the world. The complexity of the LTE system requires comprehensive signal and modulation analysis as well as RF power measurement. The Agilent P-Series power meter/sensor make it possible to measure sub-frame signal of time-division-duplex (LTE-TDD) and average burst power signal of frequency-division-duplex (LTE-FDD) with built-in LTE predefined measurement setup and statistical complementary cumulative distribution function (CCDF) measurement.

This demonstration explains how to generate LTE-TDD and LTE-FDD signals using Agilent N7624B/N7625A Signal Studio software along with Agilent ESG Vector Signal Generator. It follows to demonstrate time-gated/average burst signal measurement as well as CCDF measurement for LTE-TDD and LTE-FDD signals using Agilent P-Series power meter and sensor.

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P-Series Power Meter/Sensor LTE Measurement Technical Overview with Self-Guided Demonstration Guide:

Agilent Power Meters and Power Sensors Brochure:

Agilent Power Meters and Power Sensors Flyer: and

Demonstration 3

Download pdf document of lab description

Download pdf document of full paper #140

Description of the remote UTC-WebLaboratory
for engineering education and interactive demonstration by online experiments

Demonstration organisers: 
Jim Henry1, Serge Zacher2

1University of Tennessee at Chattanooga/College of Engineering & Computer Science, Chattanooga
2University of Applied Sciences RheinMain/Institute of Automation & Informatics, Rüsselsheim, Germany 


The paper describes the remote engineering laboratory for education built by Prof. Henry since 1997 at the  University of Tennesee at Chattanooga (UTC)and called in following shortly UTC WebLab.

Since several years prof. Zacher used this WebLab for remote experiments teaching closed-loop control at Universities RheinMain and Darmstadt in Germany.

In the interactive demonstration from Stockholm will be shown by one online experiment between Tennessee and Darmstadt, how the UTC-WebLab is used as a part of the cascade control loop, combined with the real devices of the labors of Prof. Zacher.